For All Packaging Needs

VSL Packing Industries offer best quality and service experience when it comes to your packaging needs.  Our products ensure the right protection and safety that you desire for your products.  We provide, to your highest satisfaction, a variety of packaging solutions for all custom requirements.


We manufacture a variety of packaging products to the custom needs of our clients.  We also make industry standard recommendations based on ones requirements.  We offer right solution after carefully understanding all requirements.  Customer delight is our focus and so we put extra effort in our quality and service areas.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are made of multi-layer board paper. These boxes are strong because they are structurally rigid with cushioning among layers to offer better protection for heavy or fragile contents.

Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard boxes are typically made of recycled paper and are referred to as paperboard boxes. They are rigid yet flexible and are used for items of irregular shapes and sizes.

Custom Boxes

Custom boxes of different sizes and structures are made to meet varying needs of businesses. Folders, telescope boxes, self erecting boxes and slotted boxes are some of the common varieties.

Why Choose Us

We are committed to quality of our products and to faithful service to our customers.  Our goal is to be the best provider of packaging solutions with unmatched versatility.

Skilled Workers

Our workers are well trained and experts in their work, whether operating machines or using hands to craft the products

Best Material

Our clients provide the specification and we make sure to use the right material to produce awesome products


At each step of the manufacturing process we focus on quality which helps in delivering unmatched products to our clients

About Us

VSL Packing Industries is established and operated by a team of professionals with ten plus years of professional experience in the areas of packaging, shipping, and other industries.  We are a start up and growing company with a vision to cater to all kinds of needs and demands for packaging products across industries.  Our goal is to establish our credentials among our clients and expand our foot print in various industries.  We value our clients who put their confidence in us and are committed to deliver the best experience.